Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool #1

Well, I began 11 Tools today.  While I absolutely love blogging for the classroom, I was struck by a couple of things that I'm not quite sure I can reconcile.  The first is that I already had a blog through blogspot that I used for my classroom prior to joining Spring Branch ISD.  My intention was to continue using it because I liked the domain name, I had everything organized the way I liked (and was comfortable), and as the old adage goes, If it ain't broke, why fix it?

I was excited at the prospect of learning to tweak and improve upon my rudimentary knowledge of html to improve customizing my blog.  While I still feel that's possible, it seems that going through the spring branch website pretty much forced me to abandon my former blog and open up a new one.  Boo.  Anxious to get to it, I did so.  I then went to Voki per the instructions where I spent hours (no exaggeration) figuring it out and creating an image.  Then when I tried to publish it, it refused to allow me to see the html to transfer to my blog as a gadget.  I tried to open an account with a dummy email address as a last resort.  Then I had to re-create what I had already done (annoying), and it still did not allow me to publish.

I am still looking forward to doing more with this new site.  However, I am clearly going to need serious help (or therapy--not sure which one) to complete the task of adding my avatar as a gadget.

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