Friday, October 5, 2012

Tool #6

I have used Twitter in my classroom before.  I found it helpful to have the students follow me, and then I would tweet reminder regarding homework, tests, changes in plans, or to give them links to articles they would need to read for class discussion.

I have also used a blogspot blogger in the past as a class blog.  I used it to promote class discussion and the students would have to comment as part of their grade for the assignment.

I don't know what it means to "embed" this, but the blog I'm utilizing right now will serve as my future classroom blog.  I had to delete my old one because it kept confusing the computer with this one and it was too much trouble.  My twitter handle was mrsqpc, but I haven't used it since last year.

Tool #7

a.  Content Objective:  The student will collaborate extensively to create a story with setting, plot, characterization, and theme, while practicing the use of technology with 100% accuracy.

b. Implementation: This would be implemented(hopefully) this year (possibly next) during the month of November.

c. Technology: I would use Google Docs to implement this activity.

d. Assignment: I think it would be really cool to pair students up from different classes and do tandem creative writing for NaNoWriMo--National Novel Writing Month--in November.  I have several students who are attempting to write novels by themselves or with friends already, and this opportunity would be not only high interest, but educational for them as well.  I would utilize Google Docs for this assignment, keep track of the assignment as it continued.

e. No other classroom needed!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tool #5

I chose Wordle as a word web tool for The Giver .  It was a bit simplistic, but cool looking in the end.  I'm not sure if I would utilize this for class because it just doesn't seem high level enough.

I then chose Animoto to make a video.  I didn't do the video for my content because I didn't have enough pictures together.  Instead, I did a wedding album just so I could learn the skill.  I think this tool would be great for kids to use to do book reviews, reports, or create short trailers about books.

Watch your video!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tool #4

Google Docs is pretty cool in a variety of ways.  As far as communicating with my team, or as we call them here at WAIS--"family", I created an ongoing document that helps us keep track of who is serving lunch homework hall/detention.  We can send it out and update it daily to determine whose kids should be where and whether they showed up.  Great!

As for in the classroom, I can use this for project work, tandem writing assignments, et cetera.  In Language Arts and Social studies the list literally could go on and on.

Tool #3

This video I found on Colonizing the 13 colonies is very well done and entertaining for the kids.  I found it a while ago and it is part of a three part series, covering the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.  I'll include the next two below this one.  It was actually very easy to embed this in my text and I will totally use this function again.

The one over the Middle Colonies:

and the Southern Colonies:

As far as Fair Use laws go, I found it interesting that one can assume it is okay to use certain images and videos from certain sites because the owner of the material signs off when they upload it that it will be usable to all.  At least that was my understanding of it.

The dropbox could be very useful as a way to just keep everything organized and accessible from everywhere,  I would encourage my students to create their own dropboxes.  That would help them with projects, keeping organized, and not worrying all the time that they left their flashdrives at home or that an email didn't go through.

Tool #2

I am already pretty familiar with navigating blogs and commenting on them.  I am very comfortable commenting on posts, so I decided to go ahead and get this one done.  I visited a few of the blogs listed under the Tool #2 instructions, and decided to comment on a post made at  The blogger of this site was talking about creating chuck wagons out of pvc pipe in his wife's 4th grade classrooms so her students could read about the Donner party underneath it at their tables.  It looked pretty cool.  I felt that not only could the kids enjoy reading under there, but they could "travel" from wagon to wagon "on the trail" and do learning centers.  Even though her kids are much younger than mine--I teach eighth grade--I felt it was pretty cool over all.