Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tool #3

This video I found on Colonizing the 13 colonies is very well done and entertaining for the kids.  I found it a while ago and it is part of a three part series, covering the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.  I'll include the next two below this one.  It was actually very easy to embed this in my text and I will totally use this function again.

The one over the Middle Colonies:

and the Southern Colonies:

As far as Fair Use laws go, I found it interesting that one can assume it is okay to use certain images and videos from certain sites because the owner of the material signs off when they upload it that it will be usable to all.  At least that was my understanding of it.

The dropbox could be very useful as a way to just keep everything organized and accessible from everywhere,  I would encourage my students to create their own dropboxes.  That would help them with projects, keeping organized, and not worrying all the time that they left their flashdrives at home or that an email didn't go through.

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