Friday, October 5, 2012

Tool #7

a.  Content Objective:  The student will collaborate extensively to create a story with setting, plot, characterization, and theme, while practicing the use of technology with 100% accuracy.

b. Implementation: This would be implemented(hopefully) this year (possibly next) during the month of November.

c. Technology: I would use Google Docs to implement this activity.

d. Assignment: I think it would be really cool to pair students up from different classes and do tandem creative writing for NaNoWriMo--National Novel Writing Month--in November.  I have several students who are attempting to write novels by themselves or with friends already, and this opportunity would be not only high interest, but educational for them as well.  I would utilize Google Docs for this assignment, keep track of the assignment as it continued.

e. No other classroom needed!


  1. How did this activity go? wouldn't it be fun to have your students pair up with students in another classroom elsewhere in the world? Wonder how the different cultures might influence the story...

  2. Sadly, I couldn’t get the activity together for November! However, I know my planning partner, Patty Carr, and I will organize it and try to do it next year where the kids partners are from her classes. It would be really cool to have them tandem write with students across the world.