Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tool #10

First, I would want my students to understand that the internet is "forever."  Things that are emailed, tweeted, and put on Facebook can have serious consequences that can be far-reaching into their futures.  Second, I would stress that they exercise common sense, and always think before they put something out into the world via the internet.  Finally, I would want them to make sure they understand how to control the information that they allow out in cyberspace.  All too often, students will place their phone numbers and addresses on readily accessible social networks that could very quickly make them a target.

I intend to use the "Common Sense" category of Tech Ed, specifically Why Parents and Educators Should Work Together to Teach Digital Citizenship. I think it is very important that this be done at the start of the school year, and reiterated as the year progresses.  There are plenty of opportunities to reaffirm the tenets of this article as the year progresses. I believe this is a way to get information to kids in the classroom, and talk about it at Open House and make sure parents are on board.

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