Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tool #8

Ah, technology. Sadly, I feel as though I am grasping most of it at a much slower pace than my students.  However, this doesn't mean I am unwilling or unable to learn--it just isn't always as intuitive for me.  Blogging was no issue, because I am a blogger.  But using Macs versus my usual trusty PCs? Preposterous!

Or is it?

I used an iMac eons ago when I did a brief stint in publishing, and had unfortunately forgotten every meaningful shortcut.  But now I am in a technology rich school, and I am fortunate enough to have 8 Mac Books, 8 Netbooks, a Prometheus board, and even a Flip camera.  Let's just say my life is forever changed.   During this semester so far, I have learned how to make iMovies using the Flip and the Macs, I have had to relearn familiarize myself with Apple (still a work in progress), and I have learned how to make presentations on the Active Board.

As far as managing the equipment, that has been a work in progress.  I have numbers on equipment and sign in/out sheets for the laptops, but I don't love that as a method.  Things get messed up (cords tangled, etc.) and I have trouble managing who had what equipment from class to class.

So I lurked around some of my fellow 11 Tools peoples' blogs.  And I hit the jackpot.  Ms. England at Cornerstone Academy had the ingenious idea to label each Mac with every students' names/team names who are authorized to use each computer.  I love that idea.  Then, I can easily identify who had which computer and may or may not have misused it or put it away in the wrong place.  She calls it "obsessive," but I call it fantastic.

So my plan is to label the computers and make sure each student is aware of the new expectations.

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