Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tool #9

1. It's important to tie the technology to the objective so the student understands what the finished product or goal of the objective should be.  Rather than just mess around with the technology without a definitive purpose, the student will instead focus their efforts more productively.

2. Students need to be held accountable for stations and centers (particularly when utilizing technology) to ensure that are using the station to achieve the objective goal.  There has to be accountability or they might not get anything accomplished or take the station seriously.  Each station is set up for a specific purpose which enhances the investigation of the objective goal.  To not hold students accountable would undermine their learning and usage.

3. Thinkfinity was interesting because it provided interactive lessons for students.  I also liked Flashcards+ to help students master vocabulary.

4. I don't have iPads or iTouches in my classroom, so I wouldn't have found many of those apps particularly useful.

5. If I had them, I would probably use them in stations to further investigation and understanding of various topics.  As it is, I utilize my Mac books and Net Books for that exact same purpose.

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